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In mutual agreement,

everything’s possible!!

Flowers, plants & accessories


We understand that your clients want the best quality flowers to celebrate every life’s special occasion. That's why RM Flora-direct always has same-day, fresh-cut flowers for you. We buy our flowers from the Auction, but also from the best growers in our immediate surroundings. Therefore we can deliver the highest quality of flowers by making use of our years of experience and our collaboration with qualified flower growers.


The range of plants at RM Flora-direct adds to the character of your flower shop or garden centre. You have a choice from a broad, and deep range of products. Your requirements are what is most important to us, hence our motto: In mutual agreement, everything’s possible!


RM Flora-direct provides a broad selection of accessories for every occassion. Outfit your flowershop and bouquets with a variety of accessories that fits the season and your personal style. Flora-direct also delivers all floral necessities.

We’ll be happy to get in touch with you for further explanation.
To get a better impression of our broad and deep range of products, have a look at our DEMO webshop.

Direct from the Grower

At our web shop RM Flora-direct offers a complete range of flowers and plants that come directly from the grower, so you can get the freshest flowers for the most competitive prices (no middlemen)!


RM Flora-direct buys its range of flowers and plants from its selected growers. We also offer Floramondo, the advance sale at auction by the flower and plant growers. We check the flowers and plants daily beforehand to guarantee the quality of our complete range. For transport we protect our flowers and plants with the best care and packaging possible, to make sure the flowers and plants are delivered to you safely and on time.

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RM Flora-direct is a MPS certified company.

All activities conducted by RM Flora-direct B.V. are always delivered in the utmost sustainable and environment friendly fashion, which had resulted in the MPS-A qualification. This is the highest award that can be obtained for sustainable entrepreneurship. MPS-A is a unique qualification standard in the world. It works as a measurement bar, which proves the length that a company goes to work as environmental friendly as possible. By this measurement bar a company can lower her environmental footprint and up her sustainable awareness. By obtaining the MPS-A certificate RM Flora- direct has proven that the complete assortment of flowers and plants are produced in a sustainable fashion and that our company only buys products from growers that work environmental friendly and have products from the utmost quality.

New and On offer

A recognisable label means you can see in our web shop at a glance which products are new to RM Flora-direct. You can also see which products are on offer. Our seasonal products are also labelled.

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RM Flora-direct service


RM Flora-direct delivers a complete range of high-quality plants and flowers in any Scandinavian country. You can order these, wherever and whenever you prefer, directly from the RM Flora-direct webshop. All products in our webshop are provided with photos, prices, grower name and further specifications (as much as available).


RM Flora-direct delivers your order direct to you in your shop. We work with a regular group of Dutch and Scandinavian haulier partners, who meet our quality standards. The products are transported with the most care imaginable, in order to ensure the required quality of flowers and plants and the speed of delivery.


Are you interested in a sustainable relationship with RM Flora-direct for your flowers and plants? Have a look round in our web shop, specially designed for you. Our demo web shop provides you with an impression of the possibilities.

Demo Webshop

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About RM Flora-direct

Raymon and Marcel, founders of RM Flora-direct, started with the believe that flowers celebrate every life’s occasion and should therefore be universally accessible to everybody. They understood the difficulties entrepreneurs encounter, so they dedicated themselves to connecting entrepreneurs directly to the grower.

With this vision RM Flora-direct is your help in every Scandinavian country for finding the best flowers and plants. Our team of motivated staff provides their services with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction. We are there to support you with easy and fast ordering of your products.

Our service goes a long way. We do everything we can to meet the range of customer requirements. The relationship with our customers and our partnership with our growers is the foundation for this, love and care for our quality products is essential and the right delivery is the desired result. The best possible service, selection, accessibility and value are our core values, hence our motto:

In mutual agreement, everything’s possible!

And many more...