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About RM Flora-direct

Raymon and Marcel, founders of RM Flora-direct, started with the believe that flowers celebrate every life’s occasion and should therefore be universally accessible to everybody. They understood the difficulties entrepreneurs encounter, so they dedicated themselves to connecting entrepreneurs directly to the grower.

With this vision RM Flora-direct is your help in every Scandinavian country for finding the best flowers and plants. Our team of motivated staff provides their services with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction. We are there to support you with easy and fast ordering of your products.

Our service goes a long way. We do everything we can to meet the range of customer requirements. The relationship with our customers and our partnership with our growers is the foundation for this, love and care for our quality products is essential and the right delivery is the desired result. The best possible service, selection, accessibility and value are our core values, hence our motto:

In mutual agreement, everything’s possible!